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How to comment a server request in NeoLoad?

I need to comment out some Get and Request while checking the vuser, in case I need use them later. Right now, there is only option to delete or move the requests to different container, but no way to comment it out.

Ajay P.
Ajay P.

Ajay P.

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This feature does not exist in the current version.

It will be implemented in the next version coming next year. However, there's a way to reach that goal in Neoload 3.2.xx.

You can use the URL filter exclusion using regular expression to not play some requests based on their path.

In a user validation, click on the "Advanced" button in order to enable URL exclusion filter and configure them in the [Runtime] section, under "Advanced" scenario settings.

If you need to filter the whole URL (server included), there's a configuration key to enable and it's only available for Neoload 3.2.5 (not officially available yet) and later.


Here is the procedure:

1. Stop Neoload

Download and install the patch from that link: Patch-3.2.5

2. Edit <install_dir>\conf\ In the [Runtime] section, add this key:


3. Save

4. Restart Neoload


For more information, see "Scenario Advanced Settings" under "Runtime" section in Neoload documentation.

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