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I Need to fill a form and save in my application. I want to keep the form in loop and execute loop for 20 times.

I Need to login and fill a form and save it in my application. I want to keep the only the form in the loop and execute a loop for 2 or times. when I login to the application ICSID is created and i need to pass the extracted (ICSID) to the variable as ExtractedVariable and passed to the required fields as ${ExtractedVariable_${loop_counter}} but it's not working. Do I need any additional changes in my script??

One of the variable extractor in my script, fetching the value during 1st loop execution and passing it through the script. But when it fetches for 2 loop or more it not working and the extracted Value created only when i login and Is it mandatory to keep the extracted request step into the loop

Rahul O.
Rahul O.

Rahul O.

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The ${ExtractedVariable_${loop_counter}} syntax is used when your "${ExtractedVariable} variable is configured to extract "all occurrences". In that case with that syntax a new occurence will be used on each loop iteration. Is it really how you configured your variable extractor?

You said that your design is not working. Could you provide more details?