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Why are proxy and DNS server settings erased from mac?

After recording a scenario, my proxy settings and dns servers have been erased from my Mac. In the ideal case I could just put them immediately back but I have faced issues while doing that. I am working on a POC trying to evaluate Neoload tool but I need to understand the reason why these settings have been permanently erased. It takes me 2 days to set those back in order to be able to align with my company's network security settings. Please help me understand. Thank you!

Irina L.
Irina L.

Irina L.

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When you start a NeoLoad recording using proxy mode only the proxy settings are modified in your browser so NeoLoad can record the transactions. It does not modify the DNS settings unless you have started afterwards a tunnel mode recording.

But in both cases NeoLoad reverses back the modifications. You could check the NeoLoad log files accessible through the menu "Help-->Open logs folder...." in case of any errors on that area.

Also what is your MacOS version?