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Connect github from neolaod command prompt

Hello, I seek your assistance to connect to GitHub through a command line. While GitHub is connecting successfully from Neoload GUI when giving the below details
protocol as git/https,
port - 443
path - the required structure
Login/user name - appropriate credentials

The same details do not work when used from a command line. the command that I tried is as below
neoloadcmd -checkoutProject projectname
-launch scenariog -noGUI
-Collab "git/https://github.com/folder path"
-CollabLogin "username:MD5 encrypted password"

Error parsing SVN URL git/https://github.com//Harish031082/NP/. Expected svn url Message: svn: URL protocol is not supported 'git/https://github.com//Harish031082/NP';
org.tmatesoft.svn.core.SVNException: svn: URL protocol is not supported 'git/https://github.com/folder path'

In the protocol section, it points to svn mode whereas it should use git/https

Please help with a resolution. Thanks,

Harish N.
Harish N.

Harish N.

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