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Can I extend the duration of my Cloud Session?

I am currently using a Cloud session and I realize that I would need one more hour. Can I extend it without stopping the current one?

When you start or reserve a Cloud session, you have to indicate a start and end date.
This can be done through your Neotys Web portal or directly from NeoLoad
If your session has already started, you can extend it using NeoLoad or the web portal.
The simplest way is to use NeoLoad: open the Runtime view > Scenarios tab. Then, open the Cloud Management Console ( button) and select your cloud session.
Click on the Edit end date button, a dialog appears.
You can change the session date, but not the number of load generators used. Also, there must be load generators available during the extended period of time.
For more information, see "NeoLoad Cloud Testing" under "Runtime" section in the NeoLoad documentation.

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