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Can't change Project Storage from binary to XML

I started exploring using BitBucket to store my project in a Git repository. I read that I should change the Project Storage to XML. When I open the Preferences > Project settings > Advanced tab, everything is greyed out and Binary is the current selection.

I've read somewhere that it might be because the license doesn't allow it, but the license manager shows that the Collaboration feature is supported.

Any suggestion to get this to work is more than welcome.

Kilian C.
Kilian C.

Kilian C.

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Hi, the licence is fine, it just too late, once checked in, the project type cannot be changed. Check out the project, do a save as.. and pick a new project name. Once saved, change the type of teh new project to XML and then share this new project. You can optionally delete the first project from GIT

If you accept to use a GIT repository per NeoLoad project, then consider using the native GIT integration.

Configure your GIT in Preferences / General Settings / Collaboration, and then select 'Share' option we creating a project, or use 'Share/Clone repository' to retrieve a GIT project.