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How to call a transaction every n iterations

In my user path's Actions i have several transactions. some of them i don't want to call every iteration but e.g. every 10th iteration. Usually i'd create a variable e.g. ${numIter} and increase this variable by 1 each iteration. In the user path's action I'd insert an if-then-else. and create if ${numIter}%10 == 0 condition. But actually i can't find a modulo operator in the Operator List of the "Condition" Element.

Are there other approaches?

Markus G.
Markus G.

Markus G.

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the action_counter variable would tell you the current iteration. You could then pass this to some JavaScript (see actions section bottom left) that calculates the remainder and sets a variable. You can then use this in your Neoload IF statement "${remainder} equals 0"

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