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how to resolve- Error Code: NL-WEBSOCKET-REQUEST-ENGINE, Connection output is closed error in neo load

i have recorded a simple flow which involves websocket using neo load , when i try to do a check user path observing error (at different requests) saying connection output is closed.i have handled all dynamic values (there were none post establishing the websocket connection only one before establishing a websocket channel) . i have even verified the timeout configurations under controller.properties file.not exactly sure on why i am getting this issue in neo load

Aditya N.
Aditya N.

Aditya N.

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It's not clear from your description do you get that error in the web socket channel request or when a websocket request is executed?

If it's in the websocket channel do you have any dynamic values in that request that need to be corelated? Did you get any recorded message in that channel whne recording with NeoLoad?