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Is it possible to define different SLA for different transactions in the same SLA profile ?


In the same user path, I need to set up different SLA on each transaction. Is it possible to do it in the same SLA profile ?
Is it possible to apply different SLA profiles to the same test result ? (When I apply another SLA profile to a result associated with another SLA profile, Neoload generate another result with the new SLA profile)

For example :
Assuming we have two transactions in the same user path, and the response time of each transaction does have the same threshold.
The response time of the first one must not be greater than 3s.
The response time of the second one must not be greater than 6s (can be greater than 4s, tolerable)
How is it possible to set up these SLA on Neoload ?

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Fousseyni B.


You can create two different SLA profiles. With the first profile you only select your first transaction and then do the same with the second SLA profile but this time only select the second transaction.

Have you tried that?