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Check userpath with multiple data

Hi Team

i have created a userpath. My userpath takes one variable suppose policy name . I recored my userpath with one policy number suppose 'a'. Now if i check this userpath with different policy suppose b it gives some error . which is ovious coz two will have some difference it data. How can ignore some differences. I mean i all the differences are not important but since there are difference they appear as error. Is there any way i can set which difference can be error or which can not be ?

suppose policy a generate some value and policy b generate some different value so is there any way i can say ignore these difference



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Hello Mahima,

If you checked your user path and you got an error, it means your user path is not dynamic enough despite the change of your policy value. Because, in general errors appear when the HTTP status code is not considered to be 200 OK. So you need to make sure every technical and functional parameters are dynamic in your design.
To be sure that the content of your page did display what you expect to see set up an assertion to validate the response.

Best Regards,
Fousseyni B.