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My Cloud load generator stays in INITIALIZING state or is red, what can I do?

I reserved a Cloud session few days ago and when I wanted to use the load generators, I was not able to get them in a green status. Did I miss something?

When you start a Cloud session, our Cloud platform will automatically start all your load generators from all the zones you may have selected.

Neoload will get a status of the load generators in order to know if they correctly started or not. If there's a communication issue, and depending on which step it occurred, you may have a red icon or an initializing one for your load generators.

If it's the case, you should consider the points below:


1. Check that you can access your load generator on port 7100. If you cannot, fix your firewall configuration.

2. Otherwise, refresh the concerned Cloud load generator : right click > Refresh the load generator.

3. If it does not fix the problem, open the Cloud Management Console, select the concerned session. Refresh the session using the button : Refresh

4. If the concerned load generator is in RUNNING state in the Cloud Management Console, and is still red or initializing in the host tree :


1. remove it from your project : right click in the host tree > Remove the selected host.

2. In the Cloud Management Console, add the concerned host to your NeoLoad project using the Add button,

3. The host should now be green.


For more information, see "NeoLoad Cloud Testing" under "Runtime" section in the Neoload documentation.

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