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Why do I get a "BindException" error when starting a load generator or NeoLoad?

I installed Neoload on my computer, but when I launch the Neoload Controller software, I get an error that pops up indicating that there is some port conflict and BindException. What could be causing this, and how do I fix it?

When you start Neoload, it will open some TCP ports on your machine in order to listen for a network connection against that port.
Two applications cannot use the same ports at the same time.
This "BindException" error means that Neoload could not start because the TCP/IP communication port is already in use.
Another agent, or another instance of NeoLoad, is probably in the midst of being launched. If this is not the case, it means that another program is using the communication ports.
To stop the agent, use the <NeoLoad>/bin/Agent -stop command. You may also use the Start menu's "Shut down Agent" item.
The "netstat" command is a good utility to check what processes are running on what ports.
For more information, see "Running Neoload" under Installation section in Neoload documentation.

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