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What is the total number of users launched?

I have a test that I want to run for 10 minutes using 50 concurrent users at a time. At the end of my test, the summary of results shows that the total users launched were 496. I thought I ran a test for 50 users. What does this mean?

Valid for NeoLoad up to version 3.2.
During a test under a constant load using n virtual users, NeoLoad starts n virtual users.
Each user replays the pages and requests defined in the scenario and then "dies".
NeoLoad then launches a new virtual user in order to maintain the desired load.
The total number of users launched is the total number of users that ran the scenario during the test's duration.
For example, for a 5 minute test with a constant load of 10 users, supposing each iteration lasts for 1 minute, the total number of users launched would be 50.
For more information, see "Load policy" under "Runtime" section in Neoload documentation.

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