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NeoLoad relies on the Perfmon API to monitor any Microsoft products. The user that has started NeoLoad will be used to monitor your target machine as you cannot specify a user.

You should get the same behavior using Perfmon from the NeoLoad machine against your target server.

This “0x6BE” error means that the remote procedure called (RPC) failed. This might be due to some corrupted perfmon counters in the target server.

You can unload the MSSQL server counters running that command: “unlodctr MSSQLSERVER” on the target server, then try again a Test connection.

If it works then you may want to rebuild the MSSQL counters using the commands: “lodctr /R:sqlctr.ini” then... “lodctr /T:sqlctr.ini”.

You need to restart the server afterwards. You may run that command in the folder where the “sqlctr.ini” is located.


For more information, see “Monitors” section in NeoLoad documentation.

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