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Why should I load some jar files at the end of a record?

I made a recording of my Flex application with NeoLoad. It prompts me to load jar files but I don't really understand why I need them. Could you explain to me?

When recording a Flex application, Neoload deserializes the binary stream between the browser and the server. It will convert the binary data to an XML content.

For that process, NeoLoad needs the client code to deserialize the binary content. That's why it is necessary to load them into NeoLoad, and anytime these jar files are changed on the development side for new code.

They can be added at any moment after the recording but they are necessary for the replaying. A "broken" request will have a yellow triangle on top on the normal Adobe icon.

This is an indication that there are jar files required to deserialize the request/response.


For more information, see "Adobe Flex/AMF requests" under "Design" section in NeoLoad documentation.

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