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How should I handle the Id's like ClientId, MessageId, DSId and CorrelationId in NeoLoad?

I recorded my Flex application with NeoLoad and everything went well. There are some dynamic values that I know that cannot be replayed as is. I am wondering if NeoLoad has a specific settings to handle them or not?

The underlying protocol uses for Flex application is AMF (Action Message Format). It's a binary protocol.

When recording a Flex application NeoLoad deserializes the binary stream between the browser and the server. It will convert the binary data to XML content.

These Id's are used by the AMF protocol. In fact, there is no need to handle them with variable extractors as it is automatically handled by NeoLoad.

You can let the hardcoded values remain, during replay they will be replaced automatically.


For more information, see "Identifiers handled by NeoLoad" under " Adobe Flex/AMF requests" section in NeoLoad documentation.

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