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Can I save the logs of a load test executed from the command line (without GUI)?

My scipt does various logging from Javascript using the "logger.<level>" functions.

When I execute a load test from the command line (either in debug mode or not), whatever I log this way goes into a file named "loadgenerator-<date>_<time>.log" in the logs folder.

This file though disappears after the load test is finished. Is there a way to preserve it? Or any other way I can preserve the logs?

Theodore T.
Theodore T.

Theodore T.

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Hello Theodore,

You can add another user path containing a java action whom purpose is to copy your log file from the neoload log folder to another folder (based on their name pattern).
However you will have to create another population for that user path and execute it on your localhost as a its load generator. And, you will have to start that population after the estimated duration of the real test.

Best Regards,
Fousseyni B.

One more thing. The content of that file "loadgenerator-<date>_<time>.log" is sent to the controller at the end of the test. That's why it disappears. Go to the Results section select your test result and then the "Logs" tab. You should be able to see the list of your LG's with all the logs.