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Would Neoload be able to facilitate DHCP stress testing?

We would like to simulate load on a DHCP server with multiple clients obtaining an IP address. How could Neoload be used for this type of test?

Paul C.
Paul C.

Paul C.

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Neoload wouldn't be suited to this kind of testing, it could be used as a test harness driving programs that obtain IP addresses but how those programs pretend to be computers/devices I don't know

Hi Paul,

DHCP testing is not natively supported by NeoLoad, but you can develop a custom Action to handle it.

You need an Enterprise license or a Professional with Integration & Advanced Usage.

Then, you can write a custom action that picks arguments from the NeoLoad GUI then run the DHCP query (you can use a Java library like dhcp4java) and return the results back to NeoLoad for the analysis.

How to write a custom action: https://www.neotys.com/documents/doc/neoload/latest/en/ht...