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NeoLoad is a JAVA program that uses Java Virtual Machine to run. The memory allocated to the JVM is set on the NeoLoad configuration files.

Depending on your load test, you may need to increase the amount of memory allocated to the JVM used by the controller.

Using a 32-bit version will allow you to allocate approximately 1.5GB RAM to the JVM. This is a maximum value that can be different on some versions of your operating system.

With the 64-bit version, this limit does not exist anymore. For example, you can allocate 5GB RAM to your controller if your machine has 8GB physical RAM available.

Basically, a 64-bit version is recommended for high load testing with thousands of concurrent virtual users and lots of running monitors . Otherwise, the 32-bit version is well enough to run low load testing.


For more information, see “Installation” section in NeoLoad documentation.

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