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I would like to monitor my infrastructure but my servers are behind a firewall. How can I do that with NeoLoad?

I have my NeoLoad controller in one side and the load generators in the other side of the firewall. I can open one or two ports. But in case of monitoring it's not possible to open all the necessary ports.

By default, the monitoring of the infrastructure is done by the Controller. This can be an issue on secure environments when you have a firewall between the controller and monitored servers.

You can install a monitoring agent on any computer on your infrastructure. The goal is to have the controller on one side of your firewall and the monitoring agent on the other side.

By default, the communication is initiated from the controller to the monitoring agent using port TCP 7200 in the monitoring agent side. However, it can be modified so the communication is initiated from the monitoring agent to the controller using port TCP 4569 on the controller side.


For more information, see “Advanced Installation” section in NeoLoad documentation.

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