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NTS, Neoload Team Server, admin credentials?

I tried the docker version of the NTS server found on dockerhub/neotys.
But the docker page contains no Readme, no information on how to use this container.

I manage to retrieve a login screen. But the normal default of admin/admin is not working.

How to retrieve or set the initial user/password combination?

Machiel V.
Machiel V.

Machiel V.

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The Docker image 'cpv-nts' is for demo only, it's not appropriate for production, you'll get production issues for sure with NTS over Docker.

In the short term, you have to install NTS on a physical machine, or a VM which mac adress does not change.

Starting from NeoLoad 6.8 - January 10, the license server role will be handled by NeoLoad Web which can be installed on Docker. (NeoLoad 6.8 required to get the shared license from NeoLoad Web 1.8 instead of NTS). NeoLoad will have the choice between NTS and NeoLoad Web to use the shared license.

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