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localhost:7100 unavailable

I am attempting to check a user path but I get the error localhost:7100 unavailable. I have checked firewalls and checked for issues as described in other answers and triede different veresions of JRE. The localhost on port appears green when I check in Runtime tab but when I check the userpath in Design I get the error. Below is a snippet of the neoload.log (full log attached)

2018/10/09 11:33:18 ERROR - neoload.Gui: Load generator localhost:7100 unavailable Load generator localhost:7100 unavailable
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

2018/10/09 11:33:21 WARN - neoload.Runtime: No Load Generator available to play the check scenario. Scenario stopped.
2018/10/09 11:33:21 ERROR - neoload.Gui: No Load Generator available to play the scenario. Scenario stopped.

When you said that you checked the firewall does it mean that you have one started or not?

Do you have any anti-virus installed on that machine? It might also be an issue.

Could you confirm with the task manager that when you start a check virtual user you can see a java.exe process starting in the process list?

Do you have any information in the loadgenerator.log file after reprocuding the issue?

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