Unanswered question

I would like to ask about media streaming measurement.

I am a developer in South Korea.

I have questions about using Neoload Free Edition.
I want to measure my program's media streaming.

So I recorded using Neoload Free Edition, and after the Recordig, I saw the items that set the bit rate of the media.

Neoload Free Edition does not read the bit rate value of the media uploaded to my program, but is it a structure that arbitrarily measures the media stream of my program by setting the bit rate value?

I want to know this part.

I'm sorry I did not speak English well.
Thank you for your kind answers.

Jung S.
Jung S.

Jung S.

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NeoLoad can't recognize automatically the bit rate of some video format.

That's why you can define it manually to make sure that it is correctly stream during your test. It does not matter if the bit rate is set manually or automatically.

Hope it helps.