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Response time for each Search Term Iteration wise

We are working on one the application for Lexis Nexis where we have specific requirement while result reporting we have to collect response time for each search terms(Parameter file) for the project. The scenario that we are planning to run, will use each search term unique and will stop the test once all search terms are used in Parameter file.

We have explore few option, but have no luck seems as it seems in Neoload we can’t pull Raw result for any test.

Shobhit M.
Shobhit M.

Shobhit M.

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The response times for your search transaction are collected and averaged out across all virtual users performing that transaction (and the number of times it's hit). Neoload collects the Min, Max and Average. If you want specific numbers you could use some Javascript to measure the timing and use the Store External Data custom action to plot this on a graph (or write to file in the javascript)