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How to develop/design for one big NL project with more than one developer?

We have a NL project for a large web based system. There are 4 services, which share login, navigation and other stuff inside of SharedContainers.

This 4 services have different stakeholders, and we need to create and maintain the UserPaths for each service seperatly and by at least 2 NL developers.

We have already 14 UserPaths, in the end there should be about 20 UserPaths in the NL project, so we can put load to this system like in production.

The repository.xml is already over 10 MB, so we need to use as much SharedContainers as possible, also to avoid copy+paste chaos. But Sh.Containers used in all 4 services make the biggest headache of how to merge them.

I wonder how other companies handle the development and maintainance for a NL project that size, or is this completely uncommon?

Is there a tool which could do this job?

We did some experiments with importing projects, but this makes a lot of errorprone work necessary after importing. The plan is to have one NL project (T99) with all shared container and a dummy UserPath, population and scenario.

Then we have 4 NL projects for the 4 services (T01, T02, T03, T04). The shared containers, variables and js libraries of T99 are also in this 4 NL projects.

After import of T01,T02,T03,T04 into T99 we have to do:

  • rename and disable imported ShContainer (ShCont DONT get the import prefix)
  • replace all imported SharedContainers with the ShCont in T99
  • search+replace all imported server with these of T99
  • js libraries have 4 copies, with names like .0.js, .1.js, .2.js, .3.js
  • variables which are used in more than 1 project are doubled with imp_prefix
  • imported monitored machines must be deleted

Any input welcome ...

Roland D.
Roland D.

Roland D.

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The short answer would be to use the collaboration module in NeoLoad with a source control server like Git or SVN. The use of import/export functionnality is not design for such use case that's why you have so much post tasks after the import.