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Problem when validating my virtual user NL-GWT-PLUGIN-MOTOR-01


I was able to add all the necessary libraries and I do not have any more message from neoload, I also want to specify that the GWT requests seem correct and that it seems that there are no errors in the script.

When validating my virtual user, I have errors on most GWT requests.

Error detected by NeoLoad
Message: Internal injector error while processing the GWT request.
Detail: java.lang.reflect. InvocationTargetException

Do you have a solution to my problem?

Thank you.

Karim O.
Karim O.

Karim O.

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It seems that your server sent an error back while replying your script. You should check the first GWT request and make sure that you do not have any dynamic variables to correlate.

For the first GWT request in error what did you get as response while recording? Maybe you already had an error code sent by the server.