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How to have time formated to HH:MM AM/PM format?

Hello, we need to have a value for a current time parameter to be formatted to HH:MM AM/PM format, i.e. 11:43 PM. Thanks!


Excellent, thank you very much! Is there a list of patterns with examples somewhere in Neoload manual or help files? Is there any meaning to capital or low case letters in the patterns? Thanks!

We do not document those pattern but you can look at here since it's based on the Java pattern.

Moreover when you configure a date variable in NeoLoad you can check the default example of patterns available and check the result within the variable manager panel.

Thank you Nouredine A! This helped a lot, now another issue is the date format. We need the date to be in the format YYYY-MM-DD, so we are using this pattern for a variable $CurrentDate, however, the actual date value generated with this pattern looks like - 2017-11-306 - instead of expected value 2017-11-02, See attached screenshot for more details. What would you recommend?