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click on button with span type ?


on the application i must to test.
when i recorded , i observed that the action

In my web-page the button are define like in html code like <span class="v-button-caption" style="">Connexion</span>

In this case i can't connect in automatic mode

How to do that with neoload?
how to create the action to click with the best way to connect automaticly at the application.
I see in the interface is it possible to modify the action do.

If the issue have already seen, could me help.

Best Regard.

Florian M.
Florian M.

Florian M.

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I'm not sure i understand your question/issue. The click on your "Connexion" button will lead to a request sent by the browser to the server. You just need to send the same request.

Could you provide more information like screen shots so i can understand better?