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Can we find the specific size of a VU path in the check VU? It seems to round the values over 1MB

I am collating the sizes of various user paths and it seems anything above 1MB is rounded- e.g. A path I check 3 times in Check VU shows size as 3MB, 4MB and 3MB- but if I do a few 1 iteration tests it showed the total throughput as 3.31MB, 3.3MB and 4.24MB. It does seem for paths below 1 MB it can show a more specific value- another example run 3 times in Check VU gave sizes of 104kb, 299kb and 117kb. Is there a way to display a more specific value in the check VU? Or is there a more appropriate method for checking the size of each user path for multiple scripts and not just the total throughput?

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James O.

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