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Avg Response time for is 200sec even if the request fails after 50sec

We have test scenario in our API load testing, where we need to hit problematic backend which is not responding in time, hence we have configured stubs with 90sec, but my webserver will reject the request after 50sec with a timeout. we have a run a load test with 200vu for 15 min duration after the results generation we have seen that the report contains request section with avg response time of 200sec. hence with 200vu we have seen the total number of request sent to the server is of 200count.

Could you please explain why report contains 200sec of avg response time and only 200 requests were sent to server (if request are terminated after 50sec then I would expect atleast 3000 times the request should be sent to server) please find the attached test report.

Also could you please tell us if any settings like time.out, queue configurations changes in neoload controller are required for my test.

Ajeet K.
Ajeet K.

Ajeet K.

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Looking at your report it seems that only few requests got 50s response time. That means that the server sent a response back after that time. But for the majority of the requests NeoLoad got a full response back only after 200s. It's not a NeoLoad timeout so i guess that either the server sent the response only after 200s or it took 200s to receive the whole response.

You should check the TTFB values compared to the average response time. Also try a test with few users to check the behavior without any load.