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Obtain percentage of resquest that spends more than 5 seconds


I am executing a test with Neoload web. With a sla of avg response time warning more than 2 seconds and fail for more than 5 seconds.
I want to obtain the percentage of request that spends more than 2 seconds less than 5 seconds, and the percentage of request that spends more than 5 seconds. is that possible?
I am trying to open rawresults_db0.db files but I can't.
Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

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On NeoLoad side (not NeoLoad Web yet) you can plot the percentile duration graph which will provide you the x% of transactions in X axis and the duration in Y axis.

So for example you can see that 85% of the executed transactions where below 2 s.

Otherwise you can still export the raw data of your transactions to a csv file and get the same result in a report tool.