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How to retrieve results if LG/ Controller machine crashed during the test

We are running our LG and Controller on the same machine. During one of the tests which was supposed to run for 72 hours, the machine crashed in between and test stopped. The test still ran for ~50 hours and I want to see the results for the test for that duration. In the NeoLoad Projects -> ProjectName -> results folder, I see a new folder created corresponding to the test that I ran. It has bunch of sub_folders with *_db nomenclature and some *.db files. However this folder does not seem to have all the files in it when compared with other results folder. Is there a way I can recover data in this folder? What is the solution if we face such problems in future where we are planning to run the test for a week at stretch?

Abhiram P.
Abhiram P.

Abhiram P.

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