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Detecting NL-NETWORK-01 through javascript to debug current data?

Hi everyone,

I am randomly getting some NL-NETWORK-01 errors with the message as below:

Error Code: NL-NETWORK-01
Message: Network error: An IO error occurred sending the request.
Details: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Idle timeout 300000ms

I am concerned that some of my data may be incorrectly configured and would like to find out which data points drove the script to this point. I am using a try-catch block to catch all errors, however I would like to check that I received a NL-NETWORK-01 specifically. Is there a way to do this? For example, in Javascript?

Susan W.
Susan W.

Susan W.

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There's no option available in NeoLoad to catch a specific error type. You can post an idea on that community web site so it could be added in NeoLoad future versions.

Also that error means that NeoLoad successfully sends the request but it did not get any response back from the server after 5 minutes timeout. Like you said it could be due to input data or the server that was overloaded at that time.

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