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Capable of running multiple profiles at once?

I am trying to evaluate to NeoLoad to see if it can perform the following test execution:

  • 1 web application,
  • 29 users,
  • each has there own login,
  • each login has their own app profile/ web actions that is unique to that user
  • each login needs to execute a series of web app actions/functions

I want to log in all 29 users and execute web app actions/functions for each user, all at the same time.

From early use, and after watching video, I seem to be only able to run one "profile" at a time.

Is there a way to execute all 29 users at same time running there own profile? Is there an example that I can be pointed to follow?

Thanks in advance.

Bob S.
Bob S.

Bob S.

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I'm not sure how different your 29 user paths are. You can make a recording of one user path and then run a test with 29 users each using a different login. But you said that "each login needs to execute a series of web app actions/functions".

Does it mean that each user has completely different user transactions to execute?

What do you exactly mean by "profile"?