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How can I parameterize multiple authentication within a single recording for sharepoint windows-based authentication ?

In order to proceed one complete round of test/load scenario, I would need to login (authenticate) as two different users.

Say for example:
User A (testdomain1\username - password) - Login, do some operation and Logout
User B (testdomain2\username - password) - Login, do some operation from the User A and Logout

How to record this scenario in a single recording and how to parameterize such recordings?

Kindly help me with this.

Note: In attached image, from the post recording wizard how do i able to provide multiple users.

srinivasan V.
srinivasan V.

srinivasan V.

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If your whole script is inside the Actions container and you use a variable for your credential, make sure that the change policy of your variable is set on "On each iteration".

That should suffice to have a different user logged in on each user iteration.

You don't have to record twice the same transactions but only change the login on each iteration.