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Unable to record for Oraform protocol via load balancer?

when we are recording via load balancer getting error message as"Binary response can not be previewed" in html rendering ,but when we directlly hiting request on application server request and response are properly recorded.

Following points we had tried
1. we have placed frmall.jar file in neoload "C:\Program Files\NeoLoad 5.2\lib\plugins\ext\frmall.jar".
2.Set environment variables for classpath and java home(for java version 1.8).

Abhishek S.
Abhishek S.

Abhishek S.

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The HTML rendering can't work if the response of the server is not HTML. Your screen shots indicates that the response is related to the download of the frmall.jar file which does not seem incorrect.

I do not understand your issue. What did you get in NeoLoad after recording your Oracle forms application?

Did you get Oracle forms requests (with a specific icon)? If yes do you see binary content or XML content?

Could you provide some screen shots of your recorded script?