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How to read report summary?

I tried to read the report summary but have few queries. I created a test with one user to investigate landing page of a website. I received summary result but I am not able to conclude efficiently. Please help me on this. screenshot of result is attached herein.
1. I hit only home page/landing page then why it is showing 10 pages? Also, It gives name of 10 files like resource file, css, jquery file If i looked into the "page" tab.
2. thoughput in terms of MB?
3. why total requests are 54?

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Even if your script is to go to the home page, i guess NeoLoad recorded 10 different pages. That's why you see total of pages 10.

Each page contains requests which are usually resources like css, js and images. It is also expected.

The throughput is the amount of data sent by the server. Also you got errors in your test so i would suggest you to run a check virtual user to figure out why you got them.