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remove alert from reporting

we are monitoring our db during load test runs. one of the items we are monitoring is indexed queries. we have a couple of reports that are occasionally ran that hit tables that are not indexed for those reports. various reasons as to why (short and sweet - the indexing is not likely to change). we still want to monitor indexing, but we don't want to monitor this specific table/error returned for exceeding the index alert ratio. is there a way to disable this specific returned result?

I know I can remove the indexed query monitor or remove hits to it from the load test itself. but we still want to monitor for non indexed queries and it would be unwise, in my opinion, to not know what this non indexed table could do to us under load elsewhere regardless of how little it is used.

is there anyway to call out that very specific return to neoload to not flag it as an alert?

Martin S.
Martin S.

Martin S.

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