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Keep request/response content

in result, there is not the request/reply for all the error.
(a message tells to see first occurence of error above ).

Is there a way to keep all the request/reply in the error tabs ?
Is there a way to keep all the request/reply during a load test ?

Pierre D.
Pierre D.

Pierre D.

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By default, the number of errors and the number of content stored for the same error is limited.

The goal is to not overload the NeoLoad controller in case of thousand of errors and more importantly when the request/response content is big.

It can be customized but you should be careful as it can lead to high resources consumption like CPU and memory.

This value can be tuned in the <NeoLoad_install_dir>\conf\controller.properties file.

Under [Runtime] section it is maximum.content.errors.stored=10 and under [Results] section it is max.errors.store.count=20000

So by default, NeoLoad keeps around 20K errors and stores the 10 first content of the same error per load generator.

If you would like to keep all the request/response content then you can run your test in debug mode but again it will consume lot's of resources on the controller machine