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Pacing not working with high no.of requests in a single container

I have designed a project to load test an webservice.
As a part of the project i have created a virtual user and a container under that. This container has around 60+ xml requests, now I need to introduce pacing which i did for the mentioned container for example say 2 min. Also I am using Ramp-up strategy for creating no.of users to 50 concurrent users.

When the run executes I dont see the pacing coming into effect as each request is getting executed per second which gradually increases my through-put i.e no.of requests per minute.

Please advice.

Tushar L.
Tushar L.

Tushar L.

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The pacing at the container level does not add any delay on the requests inside the container.

The goal of the pacing is to wait until the amount of time you have configured if the execution time of your container is lower than this time.

In your case, if i understand correctly you would like put delay between the execution of your requests. You did not say if all of these requests are under the same page and if it's POST XML requests or SOAP requests.

Anyway, you can only use thinktime or delay action to reduce the speed of the requests. You can't do that with a pacing.

If you still want to use pacing then you need to put your requests under multiple containers.

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