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401 Error when replaying the script?

Hello, I recorded a scenario to log into a document management system (DMS) in order to prepare some Work order to the operational team.
When replaying the virtual user, I get many 401 error (as shown as shown in the attached file.

I really can't understand why the response captured in NeoLoad was 401 Unauthorized eventhough was able to record all the flows with all pages rendered perfectly?
is that due to Dynamics parameter? In that case how can I identify them?

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Which NeoLoad version are you using?

It seems that the server expects a Negotiate, NTLM or basic authentication . Could you check in NeoLoad design section under the server list if your server has an authentication configured?

Normally you should get a pop-up during the recording when you have such authentication in place except if you used NeoLoad 5.2. In that case, the authentication takes place in the post-recording wizard.