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How do simulate a scenario where an action is repeated a number of times but an input variable is incremented each time?

I have recorded a user path where the user logs in and creates a request, entering some input values such as 'Reference'. I want to simulate a scenario where concurrent users log in and create the some request for n number iterations but the reference number entered each time must be different. How do I achieve this? I'm new to Neoload and still finding my way around.

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It is a basic use case that you can easily achieve with NeoLoad by creating a File variable. This is based on a CSV file that will contain your Reference numbers.

The main point is to configure the change policy of that variable to change on each iteration.

Global scope, any order is fine if the order of your reference values does not matter.

Then replace in your script all the recorded reference value by this variable. You can use the search and replace feature to do so.