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Can we use dynatrace monitoring in trail version of neoload 5.2.? If possible how?

I am using trail version of neoload 5.1. I want to monitor the app server running in the remote server. So, I used the option in the neoload (dynatrace settings). But I am unable to run the test since it is asking for the license key?

Kindly, let me know whether this is supported only for the licensed version or it will be supported in trail version also?

If it supports the trail version, somebody help me out with the settings for monitoring?

sathiyamoorthy G.
sathiyamoorthy G.

sathiyamoorthy G.

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When you say trial version do you mean FREE edition or not?

The FREE edition is with 50VU for 1 year but the trial version is only for 30 days. The former does not contain the Dynatrace module but the trial version yes.

However, the new FREE edition in 5.2 does contain all the modules including Dynatrace.

In NeoLoad the setup is pretty straightforward. You just need to enable the option in the NeoLoad preferences under Project settings for Dynatrace. That is enough to tell NeoLoad to add the Dynatrace headers in the requests that will be sent during the test.

Optionnaly you can fill in the Dynatrace information server so the test session on Dynatrace side can be started from NeoLoad.