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I cant mobile native app on proxy and not detect server on tunnel recording Error-"Empty Action Container?"

already set in proxy mode-setting-wifi-Ip address- and manually set port-8090
virtual user create and check the user path then genrate error-ERROR: Empty "Actions" Container. Please define at least one action in the "Actions" Container for the User Path "UserPath."(User Path "UserPath")

abc X.
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5 / 100


Either your recording did not work or your script has been stored inside the Init or End container.

When you tried the proxy recording mode with your native application, does the application work as usual?

If yes and if you have properly setup the proxy then that means that your application is not using the proxy. In that case you may need to use the tunnel mode recording.

Make sure to restart your mobile device in order to clear the DNS cache before detecting the servers with NeoLoad.