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Is there a way to view the requests/responses message bodies that are being used during a load test?

It will be useful to be able to see what came out of each request/response. Also, what data is contained in the test results folder and is there any runtime information (such as variable configuration) that can be obtained?

Jay J.
Jay J.

Jay J.

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When you run a load test, NeoLoad does not keep the data from requests/responses for better performances.

However, you have multiple ways to get that information.

You can run a test in debug mode. In that case, you will have exactly the same information like for a user validation.

Since it consumes lot's of resources you should not do that for a real load test but for debugging purpose only.

Another way is to use javascript action in order to log variable values used during a load test.
This data will be written in each load generator logs displayed in the "logs" tab in your test result.

You can log lot's information using javascript so i suggest you to look at our documentation for more information.

See NeoLoad Javascript API under Appendix section.