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Does anyone know how to handle (401 Message) expired access tokens in cookies using OAuth 2?

The refresh token is encrypted in the cookie and so there really is no way to extract that. The current expiration time for cookies is 1 hour for our application. Just curious if other users have found a way to handle this. The only work around I have found is having virtual users log out and log back in when they are around the 1 hour expiration time.

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Brian B.

Brian B.

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Do you know if that cookie is coming from the server or is it a client cookie?

If it is a server cookie i would expect the server sends a new value when it expires. And normally NeoLoad will automatically use it. So i assume that it's not the case or you get an error when the cookie expired, but then the new cookie should be used and the script continues to work.

What behavior do you get?