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Is there a specific scenario where neoload can lost all references from the handler id? oracle forms

My script works until a specific request where the response is:

Error Code: NL-OF-PLUGIN-ENGINE-03 Message: An unknown handlerId has been found while creating the Oracle Forms request. Details: Unknown HandlerID(s) found in request: [696]. Only handlerID(s) referencing existing components from session are allowed. Existing handlerId(s): [Empty]

I'd like to know why neoload returns saying that the existing handlerids are empty when there are a lot of requests/response successfully before this requests.


NeoLoad handles the Handler id based on their Handler name. You should check if that Handler Id 696 has a dynamic name. Maybe you have to correlate that name so NeoLoad can recognize it when replaying the script.

Hey Nouredine,
There isn't a handler name in the creation of 696:

I'm attaching a snapshot of the error, as you can see, all requests/responses are ok until the error, so I'm not sure why neoload is saying that there isn't handlerids.


Folks, is there a chance to be a request with a wrong path the root cause? I mean, send a request with a wrong path can make neoload lost the reference for all handlerids?

The JSessionid is automatically handled by NeoLoad at the server level through the URL rewriting. If you look at the server definition you should see it enabled for your server. So normally NeoLoad automatically uses the new one coming from the server responses.

Regarding the HandlerId 696, if during validation it has been created but NeoLoad complains about it then i guess you should also see a destroy order for that handlerid.

Is it the case?

Basically your request is using that handlerid 696 but it does not exist or it has been destroyed before that request where it fails.


Hey Nouredine, unfortunately there isn't a destroy for 696. =/
I simulated the situation where I submit a request using a handlerid previous destroyed and for this situation neoload detects the error and returns a list of the existed handlerids in the time, however, what I'm facing is that neoload detects the error but the list of existed handlerid is empty.
Snapshot attached.

Hey folks, Issue fixed!
What was impacting is that in the path of the request we were sending the "jsession" and in this new version of R12.2.4 is necessary the JsessionIDForms as well.
So, there are two ways to fix the problem:
1. update the path of the request removing the jsessionid and including the JsessionIDForms.
2. remove the jsessionid from the path and let neoload handle the JsessionIDForms automatically.

Snapshot attached.
Thanks for the support.