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compare report -baseTest

Hi Support,

I want to create commandline a compare report; so i tought to use the options:
-baseTest &
comparisonReport <files>

But the option -baseTest is NOT clear to me...what to use, documentation says test ? But i asume it's a base report (html) so are you able to clarify this option



The option "-baseTest" takes as argument the name of a test result. You can get that name in the Results Manager. By default it's the date of your test result but it can be modified in the UI if needed.

Here is an example of command line under Linux but same applied on Windows:

./NeoLoadCmd -project "/home/myuser/neoload_projects/Project51/Project51.nlp" -launch "scenario1" -noGUI -baseTest "15:23 - 20 Jan 2016" -comparisonReport /home/myuser/MycomparTest.pdf -exit

In my case it will generate a PDF comparison report using the report used as baseline.