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Difference in timing with different Browser

We have one transaction which is working fast through Chrome but is slower in IE
If i emulate the same transaction through neoload with different browser it doesnt show any difference


NeoLoad works at protocol level so it uses its own HTTP client. That's why you do not see any differences.

If you do see high response time in IE then the issue is more a rendering issue on the client side and not a server issue. You may have some Javascripts for which the execution is slower in IE compared to Chrome. 

You do not have a browser emulation in NeoLoad. It's only the User-agent that will be modified.

It is useful when for example you would like to reach a mobile application. By changing the user-agent you will be redirected to the mobile web site.


You should look at the First Time To First Byte (TTFB) statistics, it represents basically the server time + the network latency to receive the first bytes of the response.

Average Time - TTFB = Download time, useful to check the network.