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Weblogic 12 monitoring

Does Neoload support Weblogic 12c monitoring?

If yes, what are the pre requisites and steps which needs to be performed?


I have to monitor some weblogic 11 servers as well during the same test. Is it possible to keep all the Jars inside the same folder (with different names like _1 etc)? I dont want to overwrite the existing Jars. Any suggestions?

I don't think that will work. It will lead to unpredictable behavior since NeoLoad will load all the JAR files and you may encounter conflicts.

You could try to use the Weblogic 10 monitor with a weblogic10 folder  for your Weblogic 12c if you do not monitor such version. It might still work.

I opened an enhancement request so Weblogic 12c support is fully implemented in NeoLoad and the documentation updated.